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Modular Rails

At TROJAN we carry two styles of Modular rail, 19mm x 90mm and 45mm x 90mm. These rails are application specific, however in the right situation can be used in a similar manner. Typical application for the lighter rail is direct gunnel mount or lighter and shorter raised rail applications. The heavier rail is used for the strongest of applications or where you require a beam with unsupported corners, or angled sections. This style of rail allows for infinite possibilities to suit what were previously ergonomic challenges.


19mm x 90 mm Modular Rail

Typically used for direct gunnel low profile mounting. Properly mounted these rails become a permanent part of your boats gunnel limited in strength only by your existing boats construction. They are often used in Raised Rail applications for short well-supported runs or lighter applications. Cut to size to suit your specific needs.


45mm x 90 mm Modular Rails

Typically used in the heaviest Raised Rail applications over short or substantial runs, where “rock solid” construction is the key. Freestanding corners and angle are the benefit of this rail. This is the rail for you, if you have something unique in mind! Cut to size to suit your specific needs.


Position Fixing Nuts

These nuts fit into the modular rail tracks and can be placed wherever required to mount your hardware to the top of the rails. The beauty of these nuts is longevity and ease of replacement. If and when (and it is highly unlikely) that a thread wears out or fails, quick removal and replacement is all that is required to reinstate your system to a like new condition.


Position Fixing Nuts - view two

  Custom Rail Example 1
  Custom Rail Example 2



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